By a mom who happens to be a doc with an entrepreneurial spirit

About Dream Vibrant Health
Urubamba, Sacred Valley, Peru

About Dream Vibrant Health

Welcome to Dream Vibrant Health!

My name is Michelle Ramírez and I am a physician, mom, wife, certified health coach and Vizsla lover! Born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, I have been living in New York City for the last 11 years. I specialize in the care of critically ill children, but I have developed a passion for health and fitness. Like many working moms, I live the daily struggle of achieving balance between work, family and my own space.

My goal is for Dream Vibrant Health to be a resource for women – from professional to stay at home moms – and provide advice regarding achieving healthy lifestyles amongst our busy schedules.

I will talk about issues that face us in everyday life and provide strategies in dealing with these. My goal is that each post will be a brief, information packed, easy read, for people on the go.

In each post, I will also discuss the current research available on the topic of discussion and what it suggests.

Ultimately I hope this will be a place where women can unite and support each other.

I will be posting weekly and welcome any thoughts or ideas you may have for topics you would like to see. Please feel free to drop me a line here. I hope you find this space helpful in your daily life!

Personal Health Coaching

Interested in working with me to reach your health and wellness goals? We provide one on one health coaching and support to help you get where you want to be! Whether you are local or in another country I am here to help. Dream Vibrant Health can work with you in Spanish too! Send me an e-mail if you would like to know more. ❣️