Let’s try and find balance and health in our daily lives


balance and health

The elusive pot of gold: life balance and health


Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting! There are so many blogs out there, I’m sure you may be wondering if you should subscribe to another one! Well, let me tell you a little bit about me and my vision for this blog.



My name is Michelle Ramírez. If you ask me what I do, first and foremost, I am a mom. The reason I put this first is because this has changed, defined and shaded how I look at and approach most things in life.


I am also a physician, I specialize in the care of extremely ill infants and children. So, I take care of the very sick and dying. As you may imagine, sometimes my job can be mentally, emotionally and physically overwhelming. Balance and health can be very hard to achieve. However, I discovered writing as an outlet to prevent burnout and stay sane.


I am passionate about other areas in medicine, including general health and wellness, exercise and nutrition. Because of this, I have pursued further studies these areas. I also love looking at the scientific evidence for treatments and solutions. For me, everyday is a journey towards greater balance and health. The writings in this blog are a reflection of all these facets. If you sometimes (or often) feel life pulls you in a million directions and you feel overwhelmed, then welcome home, this is your blog.



balance and health


Some posts will be about work and its impact on life. Some will be about finding easy solutions for balancing life. Yet, others will be about finding the scientific evidence behind current fads, diets, exercises, etc.


I want to allow everyone, but women in particular, to lead simpler and more manageable lives. Whether it is from reflections about life, hacks to simplify daily living, breaking down the science behind medical conditions or investigating the evidence behind the newest diet, I hope you will find this blog helpful. Maybe you will even get inspired to try a new way of eating, start exercising, see the bigger picture, forget self-doubt or simply find a new way of approaching a problem.


What else do I do? Well, I am also a wife, I have a beautiful Vizsla and I am the editor of a newsletter for a non-profit organization called Puerto Rico Rise Up (created to help my post Hurricane Maria devastated island). I am always happy to hear from readers, so please feel free to drop me a line here.


Wishing you love, health and balance,