Straight from the source: Demystifying acupuncture

Straight from the source: Demystifying acupuncture

More facts about demystifying acupuncture


Last week we started talking about acupuncture, it’s history and the scientific research that backs its effectiveness. You can read about it here, if you had not gotten the chance yet! This week I wanted to take it a step further and continue demystifying acupuncture! Watch the vlog interview below with an amazing acupuncturist (who I happen to know for the past 9 years!).


Jill Blakeway is a licensed acupuncturist and, even more, she has doctorate in acupuncture medicine (DACM). She has been practicing for over 20 years, worked in clinics and hospitals and, since 1999, has been working in her own private acupuncture practice in NYC called YinOva Center. She is an author with two published books and a third in the making and she has appeared in multiple TV shows, including Good Morning America, talking about acupuncture.


Jill believes that the best outcomes for patients are achieved with an “east meets west” approach. So, to that point, she often works in conjunction with medical doctors to ensure her patients get the best care possible! 🌟


Watch our interview as Jill gives us the nitty gritty on acupuncture and we break through some of the myths, fears and misconceptions that many of us may have surrounding acupuncture.


Jill Blakeway on Acupuncture


I hope you enjoyed our interview and that this answered many of the questions you have about acupuncture! Thanks so much to Jill for taking time from her busy schedule to chat with us 🙏🏼


Make sure you tune in next week as we continue with our next health topic on natural aesthetics treatments! Or better yet, subscribe below 👇🏼 so you can receive it straight to your inbox!


Amazing week to all! ❤

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